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St. Patrick's Day Dance - March 17, 2023

Join us at the Golden Connections Community Center in Red Lion, PA to celebrate the holiday. Wear your green, bring a snack and be ready to dance. We've got something fun planned, just for you and your favorite leprechaun.


Printable Flyer


Here is a party-planning checklist to help you create and plan the perfect event!

Printable Version as pdf - Printable version as MSWord

1 Month Before the Event:

___ Choose a theme and the type of party you would like to throw

___ Set the date and time of the event

___ Create a budget

___ Pick a location

___ Make a guest list

___ Mail or e-mail invitations to your guests

3 Weeks Before the Event:

___ Choose the menu; appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, desserts and beverages

___ Create a realistic timeline for preparing your chosen recipes

___ Make a list of all the ingredients you need to purchase

___ Prepare any items than can be frozen ahead of time (this will save you time closer to the event)

___ Reserve rented items such as plates, glassware, tables, chairs, etc., and arrange for delivery on party day

 ___ Hire a bartender if desired

2 Weeks Before the Event:

___ Purchase the wine, liquor and beer for your event. Arrange for delivery at your party location.

___ If you are having a potluck meal, let your guests know what to make

___ Start compiling party music, games and other entertainment

1 Week Before the Event:

 ___ Follow up with guests who have offered to bring a covered dish

___ Make space in the refrigerator or freezer for ice and other groceries

 ___ Prepare recipes that keep well up to a week

 ___ Purchase all remaining non-perishables

2 Days Before the Event:

___ Clean your house, if you are having the party at your home

 ___ Wash dishes and silverware to be used for the event

 ___ Defrost frozen items in the refrigerator

1 Day Before the Event:

 ___ Purchase any perishables, such as salad, bread and seafood

 ___ Purchase and arrange flowers

 ___ Assemble any foods that can be made in advance

 ___ Decorate the location of the party to help set the tone and mood

 ___ Set up the bar

The Day of the Party

___ Buy ice for the party

 ___ Chill beer, white wine and champagne

 ___ Finish preparing food