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St. Patrick's Day Dance - March 17, 2023

Join us at the Golden Connections Community Center in Red Lion, PA to celebrate the holiday. Wear your green, bring a snack and be ready to dance. We've got something fun planned, just for you and your favorite leprechaun.


Printable Flyer


Basic Line Dance Terms
NOTE:  If you are "brand new" to line dancing, I suggest that you print out the information on the link below. 
The Basic Line Dance Terms, will give you a breakdown of every step you will learn as you progress with your line dancing journey.
Step by step, so that anyone will be able to understand and learn.
Basic Line Dance Terms

Dances Recently Taught

Below are the dances that were taught on Tuesday evenings.

Ah Si
Beginner     Taught on 3/07/23  
Irish Stew
 Beginner Taught on 3/14/23   
K Step and Rumba Absolute Beginner Taught on 3/07/23 youtubeyoutube
 Pitbull   Absolute Beginner  Taught on 3/07/23   youtube
She's A Natural (Country Girl)
 Beginner     Taught on 3/14/23 youtubeyoutube
Southern Soul Bounce  Beginner  Taught on 3/07/23  youtubeyoutube
When Will I Be Loved  Beginner     Taught on 3/14/23 youtubeyoutube


Below are the dances that were taught at the Golden Connections.

Another One Bites The Dust Intermediate Taught 1/27/23 youtubeyoutube
Cajun Thang Beginner Taught 2/17/23 youtubeyoutube
Crazy Foot Mambo     Improver Taught 02/26/23 youtubeyoutube
Crystal Cha Intermediate Taught 03/03/23 youtubeyoutube
Drinkaby Intermediate Taught 2/19/23 youtubeyoutube
Heaven's Jukebox High Beginner    Taught on 1/13/23 youtubeyoutube
Imelda's Way    Beginner/Improver Taught on 02/03/23 youtubeyoutube
I'm On My Way Beginner Taught on 1/20/23 youtubeyoutube 
K Step and Rumba Absolute Beginner
Taught on 2/10/23 youtubeyoutube
Little Miss Saturday Night High Beginner Taught on 1/20/23  
Lucky Lips Absolute Beginner Taught on 2/24/23 youtubeyoutube
My First Waltz     Beginner
Taught on 1/20/23  youtubeyoutube
Never Gonna Not Dance Intermediate Taught on 1/6/23 youtubeyoutube
Nothing But You Intermediate Taught on 2/26/23 youtubeyoutube
Beginner Taught on 03/05/23 youtube
Raised Like That Intermediate Taught in 2022 youtubeyoutube
Save Your Tears Intermediate Taught 1/13/2023  
She's A Natural (Country Girl) Beginner Taught on 2/24/23 youtubeyoutube
Southern Soul Bounce Beginner Taught on 1/13/23 youtubeyoutube
Sunroof Beginner  Taught on 1/6/23  youtubeyoutube
Up in Your Giddy Beginner Taught on 1/27/23 youtubeyoutube
When Will I Be Loved
Beginner Taught on 1/6/23 youtubeyoutube



Man of the Woods  youtube
Marry Me
Mars Attack  youtube
M.D.C.  youtube
Music To My Eyes   youtube
My 1st Waltz  youtube
Need To Be Naughty   youtube
Neon Light youtube
Never Be Sorry  
Never Gonna Grow Up 
New Tattoo  youtube
 Ocean To Ocean   youtube
 Oceans Will Climb   
 Oops Baby  
 Once In A Lifetime    youtube
 Pants On Fire   youtube
 Pink Shoelaces    youtube
 Pitbull   youtube
 Play That Song   youtube
 Pushin and Shovin   youtube
 Ray Bans  
 Rocket To The Sun    youtube
 Romeo & Juliet  
 Samba Manana    youtube
 Senorita La-La-La   youtube
 Shiner’s Waltz  
 Shot of Tequila   youtube
 Shoulda Known Better  
Show Me Wot U Got  
 Shut Up And Dance   youtube
 Simple As Can Be  
 Singles You Up  youtube
 Sinner  youtube
Slow Burn  
 Smack Dab  
 So Just Dance Dance Dance   youtube
 Speak To A Girl   youtube
 Something In The Water   youtube
 Soul Shake   youtube
 Soul Slide   
Steal My Love  
 Stitches youtube
Stomp Down  youtube
Suds In The Bucket  youtube
Sugar, Sugar  youtube
 Summertime Strolling   youtube
 Sweet Caroline   youtube
Sweet Hurt  youtube
Take A Pill  
Take Me Home youtube
That Love  
That'll Be Us Someday
The Bomp   youtube
The Fighter  youtube
The Way   youtube
This Life youtube
Tick Tick Boom  youtube
Tick Tock 
'Til You Can't  
Time’s A Wasting  
Train Swing  youtube
 Unpredictable Baby  
 Up & Down  
Uptown Funky youtube
Wanna Be  
Wasted   youtube
Wave on Wave
We Are Tonight  
We're Good To Go
What Makes You Country 
When You Smile  
 Whip It    youtube
Whiskey Bridges   youtube
Who What When  
Wreck This Town youtube



If you missed any classes, we’ve posted all the dances that we are currently teaching right here so you can catch up at your leisure.

We want to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.